In a world where competition is discussed as a community of like minded “Insert-industry-here enthusiasts”- you don’t stand out. Whether it’s your app, the various posts on your company’s social channels- or the Facebook ads you just bought, unique visitors to your site don’t make you unique. Today the only thing that can really set you apart is making sure that your image and your content are valued as much- if not more- than your product.

Are people paying for your product or are they paying for your name?
You’re selling more if it’s the latter. 

People will pay for a name if it’s a name which with they, or their organization, are happy to identify. You won’t see Faygo stealing Coke’s endorsement deals from your office vending machine any time soon. It’s not for a lack of interest on Faygo’s part- it’s simply a matter of  scale and ‘fit’. Companies scale because they’re accessible; this same reason explains why some companies just ‘fit’ places better. Accessibility gives way to access and placement. Coke looks and sounds better than Faygo- not because it’s original, but because it’s universal. Coke is an example of quality content alongside a quality brand. From jingles to an unmistakeable  logo, Coke’s got it in the bag. Whether you’re looking for corporate sponsors or something to go with your pizza, you’ll always think of Coke over Faygo. The product isn’t superior- the name is. 

How do you get people to pay for your name? Stop neglecting people. Start being accessible, through the message(s) you send and, in-turn, the content you create. Start hiring people to pay attention to your content and your image. If you don’t have an internal creative team dedicated to protecting your brand and content, establish one now. Don’t fall prey to the illusion of DIY. You may have the best marketing team in the business but, for the love of God, stop letting them open Photoshop and After Effects. Skilled marketers aren’t by default master creatives, nor do they have to be.  This doesn’t change the fact you still need both, to build your brand even as you build your product. Superiority is subjective- start getting suggestive.