Before they give up on you.

Ok, well maybe not your dreams, but your plans- those have got to go. I'm not talking about your IRA's or SEP's, I'm just talking about your best-laid plans for the future; business or otherwise. Don't get so caught up making your plans happen that you miss out on other opportunities.

You've got to fly by the seat of your jeans to know what they're made of.

When you're caught up making a specific set of things happen, and that's all you're letting happen- you put blinders on; you start limiting where you could actually end up. Like I said, this applies to your business and your personal life. Don't make the predictable decisions, take risks, invest in the unknown. Don't be an idiot, but don't be an airbag. People don't drive Ferraris because of the crash test rating. Be passionate, and most of all be bold.

If you're not careful, your plans will fail you, and your 'dreams' will come crashing down around you. Your safe bets will ruin you and you'll wish you would've pushed past your goals into your visions. 

I don't know if this will make your Monday any better, but I hope it inspires you to be unpredictable this week.