Small teams with big dreams

We're a handful of creatives that were born from the womb of infrastructure and the grind of corporate America. We're a group of craftsmen that decided to break the mold- and then torch the pieces. Everyone at 8five9 is out to make a difference with their craft; something that just couldn't be done anywhere else. Whether our freelancers or in-house creatives, we aim to foster passion. We rather be a slave to our dreams, than profit off of a sub-par reality. 

We're a small company, with a large reach. We keep our teams small and our dreams big. We tailor our project teams to your brand's needs; i.e.: If we don't have the best programmer in-house- we'll find him/her and bring them into the loop to deliver and exceed expectations. 8five9 will curate the creatives to bring you the best tailor-made content imaginable.